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Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Arts are handcrafted 3D sculptures made of shaped steel rods and laser cut plates painted with textured paint to emphasize their industrial style.

  • Metal Wall Art
  • Metal Wall Art

Product information:

Metal Wall Arts are equipped with both, vertical and horizontal hangers. They can be customized with features like clothes hangers, mountings for lighting, or stained glass decoration elements.


  • Type: metal wall art
  • Material: steel
  • Color: natural steel, rusted steel, texture painting, optional
  • Wall hangers: vertical and horizontal
  • Optional features: available
  • Dimensions: 70x50cm, 100x50cm
  • Weight: 2,5kg


Metal Wall Arts are produced only in series on request. Various features and paintings are available.
If you are interested in the order, or carrying out a similar project, please feel free to contact us.